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Interconnecting communities worldwide so they can learn, help, collaborate, and increase their aggregate power to drive change

Our goal is to exponentially accelerate communal ability to drive change in order to stave off global challenges.

Our approach is to interconnect communities worldwide around a common goal so they can learn, help, collaborate, and increase their aggregate power for change.

We focus on what we consider the key enabler: a clear definition of purpose that can also be quantified. We define purpose as a set of goals, the issues that stand in the way of achieving each goal, and metrics that can quantify change-over-time of both goal importance and issue severity, yet always within the context of a given community. Metrics enable a community assess the effectiveness of different actions on reducing issue severity towards realizing a goal.

We then interconnect communities that share common goals so they can learn, help, and collaborate.

Finally, we aggregate community goals and actions across both communal and geographical boundaries. This reveals not only the true “want” of the people, but also the most effective required actions. This provides a natural interface for current top-down institutions to act on behalf of the people they supposedly serve. We believe that once a critical mass is aggregated it can no longer be ignored by any government, be it a democracy, dictatorship, or other.

Helpful Village

Helpful Village

Older adults want to age in their own homes while remaining in touch with their local communities.  As a result, many of those individuals are starting Villages all across the country. Larger cities like Washington DC, Portland OR, and Columbus OH even have city-wide policies to make it easier for their residents to find a supportive community in their neighborhoods.

As the Village Movement grows rapidly, it’s easy to see why Villages are the best option to age in place, autonomously, socially, and purposefully.

  • Our specialized technology makes Villages engaging, easier to operate, and more efficient than ever.

  • With thousands of Helpful Village users around the country, we have data showing the unparalleled efficiency of the Villages 2.0 social support system.

  • With efficient and modern operations, we work with tech-advanced Villages to put the Village Movement on the front page of major national media outlets and bring its benefits to the attention of millions of older adults.

Institute for People, Place, & Possibility

We’re a nonprofit organization working to create healthy, equitable, sustainable communities. At IP3, we’re not here to make money — we believe in building capacity for communities to make real and lasting change.

Through years of experience, we’ve found that the best way to do that is by sharing what works and what doesn’t, and where communities should be headed next.

Our work — both as the life force behind the Community Commons and through our offering of web-based data solutions — is founded in our commitment to improving community and population health.

We provide knowledge and know-how surrounding data and technology, rooted in our deep passion for community partnerships.