Helpful Village

Helpful Village

Older adults want to age in their own homes while remaining in touch with their local communities.  As a result, many of those individuals are starting Villages all across the country. Larger cities like Washington DC, Portland OR, and Columbus OH even have city-wide policies to make it easier for their residents to find a supportive community in their neighborhoods.

As the Village Movement grows rapidly, it’s easy to see why Villages are the best option to age in place, autonomously, socially, and purposefully.

  • Our specialized technology makes Villages engaging, easier to operate, and more efficient than ever.

  • With thousands of Helpful Village users around the country, we have data showing the unparalleled efficiency of the Villages 2.0 social support system.

  • With efficient and modern operations, we work with tech-advanced Villages to put the Village Movement on the front page of major national media outlets and bring its benefits to the attention of millions of older adults.