Investors coming to Transform will receive leading research available on who is investing in projects like regenerative agriculture. Also present will be startups ready for investment that focus on ocean plastics, coral and other climate solutions. Investors will be with us to meet their peers who are learning how to deploy patient capital that can wait until harvest to reap the returns on their investments in community wealth and climate response. They will learn from each other and make lasting professional connections that will result in new deals being done, new companies getting investment and new funds gaining investors, along with new partnerships formed that we help continue.

For Non Profits:

Many non profits that are doing relevant work in the areas of regenerative agriculture, indigenous wealth creation, solving water and sanitation problems, and other areas will be present at Transform. On a case by case basis, non profits may be granted scholarships to attend.

We are catalyzing change. For thought leaders working in our area you will see phase shifts happen in issues you care about and work in daily. Thought leaders on any issue will want to see a model of a design studio linked to a custom finance foundry, creating new financial vehicles to bridge gaps.